Accommodation booking and reservation management program

You may handle reservations punctually and quickly irrespective of whether they come from the online surface provided by the Reserver-H program, telephone or e-mail.

You do not need to sit in your office!

With the Reserver-H program

While others shade scale papers you can confirm reservations by just a few clicks.

While others communicate through the telephone and send e-mails the Reserver-H program sends letters instead of you in several languages.

You do not need an expert to install and use the Reserver-H program.

The Reserver-H program does not require

It is natural that Reserver-H

It is more exciting that

  • the Reserver-H program does not leave your guests alone even when they are in your hotel
  • and that by using the program how you can help each other with other accommodation providers in the interests of your guests.


Restaurant and hospitality supplying program

Will be finished: -66 day


Service provider and program date reservation system

Will be finished: -36 day